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"Cannot get enough of the Purcellville Flags. This is the 5th Flag we have either purchased for family or referred  friends to. Jason and Katie are great to work with!!  Our FNE scouts Love them too."

Catherine Seng


"Bette (our border collie) is proudly displaying my new, beautiful, wooden, hand-made US flag from Purcellville Flag Co.  We are pleased with the quality and the statement it makes in our home."

Rich Pruzina


"As a Navy Veteran; I Thank you Purcellville Flag Co. For creating such a piece of our history and art all in one.  I am impressed that my new flag was pre-set up to hang up right away. I am Proud to Hang this in my home."

The Ford Family


I received this flag from Purcellville Flag Co. as a Christmas present.  The original plan was for her to be mounted on a barn, with a light as it is supposed to be, so those that approach the property can see it as they wind the mountain curves. Well once I actually saw her there was no way she could be outside. Thank you Purcellville Flag Co. for the extra clear coating (varnish, shellac..whatever you use ) to make sure she could withstand the elements.   She now resides in the entrance hallway of a 1904 mountain home.  Original land survey was done by Thomas Jefferson’s father, Pete Jefferson. 

How beautiful and strong is she.  I have a friend I work with, Vietnam Marine veteran (picture grizzled and bluntly honest) that we trade shots back and forth (as respect between former marine and former law enforcement) that saw it.  I had her in the backseat of my truck and asked if he wanted to see my Christmas present.  As we walked to my truck he was making several smart remarks about my present (didn’t know what it was). I opened the door and he went speechless, then reached in and ran his fingers across the red, white, and the field of blue.  I told him I couldn’t put her outside.   He stopped and looked at me and said ...she deserves to be inside.   Purcellville flag company thank you for an awesome product and take pride that she is inside and that for a few seconds my friend went speechless in honor, respect, and awe of Old Glory.    Thank you for presenting the flag to the Capital Police In honor of their  fallen officer.

Customer Testimony


"We are loving the gift we bought for daddy! It was handcrafted by the local, family-owned business Purcellville Flag Co.  If you're looking to buy locally and want high quality, I highly recommend Jason and his family business!"

Another Happy Family & Customer

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